2011 Audi A5 Family Sedan pictures,review and price

When it comes to an Audi they set the standard for how a luxury car should be. When you are shopping around for a good family vehicle that not only sets the highest safety standards but also the best on comfort, room and design. The Audi A5 is the perfect choice for families who don't want to just settle for any ordinary vehicle, they want their family to have the best in life and a vehicle should be no exception.

The A5 is a luxury sports coupe that gives parents all of the amenities they need right at the very finger tips and the kids love it because it has a classy look that they love to be seen in. The leather interior is comfortable for the whole family and resists spills and stains especially if you are a family on the go.

Keeping your A5 on the road is easy when you have all the right equipment to back you up. The Audi A5 comes standard with four wheel disk anti lock brakes, and the electronic stability control feature. You can keep your tires in perfect shape by utilizing the tire pressure monitoring system, so you can be assured you will never have to worry about getting a flat again. These extra components are exclusive to Audi and bring that added peace of mind to parents with children who have their passenger's safety in mind at all times.

Safety always comes first where the Audi A5 is concerned. With six, front, side impact and side curtain airbags you can be assured that your family is safe whether you have to travel to the grocery store or all the way across country; the A5 has you covered. The A5 receives high safety awards when it comes to crash testing, making it a safe vehicle to have your entire family ride in.

Model : Audi A5 3.2 TFSI
Jenis : Pertamax +
Tenaga (dk) : 261.5
Harga : Rp.1.450.000.000

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