Daftar Harga 2012 Daihatsu Sirion Baru

2012 Daihatsu Sirion
2012 Daihatsu Sirion
2012 Daihatsu Sirion
2012 Daihatsu Sirion
Test Drive of Daihatsu Sirion 2012. Daihatsu claims city car is fuel efficient with a consumption of 13.97 km / liter. The instrument panel on the dashboard with two-tone colors that seem luxurious and head unit equipped with MP3, USB, iPod and Bluetooth-owned Daihatsu Sirion, 2012, eliminate boredom while in the traffic jam with the music.
Daihatsu Sirion, ready to accompany you through the city with a high level of maneuver. Backed by a compact body design, fully compatible with the city crowded traffic conditions.Sirion is a vehicle that allows 5 (five) passengers can sit comfortably. With the second row seat features an adjustable base to mix with Sirion allows users to load a variety of goods to maximum load. Daihatsu Sirion also designed as an efficient vehicle, that is fuel efficient.

Harga Daihatsu Sirion Baru Tahun 2012

Daihatsu Sirion Car Type
Price (Rupiah)
All New Sirion M/T 139.500.000
All New Sirion A/T 150.500.000

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