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Isuzu Panther Terbaru


Isuzu Panther Terbaru


Isuzu Panther Terbaru

Short Description:

Isuzu Panther is classified as an Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV) and developed to meet local needs and situations, such as climate, roads and family structure. Therefore it is suitable to carry large loads of passengers or cargo. It is popular in Indonesia, Vietnam (called Isuzu Hi-Lander) and the Philippines (called Isuzu Isuzu Crosswind). It is priced at approximately USD 25,000.

The style combines the feel of rugged SUV with a clean and aerodynamic design. The cabin is quite spacious with all the functions and comforts of a passenger car. The Panther is equipped with either a normally aspirated 4JA1 or a turbo-charged 4JA1L 2,499 cc direct-injection diesel that offers combination of high power and fuel economy.

Berikut ini adalah daftar Harga Isuzu Panther Terbaru:

Tipe Isuzu Panther
SMART – H 204.600.000
SMART – FF H 206.600.000
LV – H 213.000.000
LV FF – H 215.000.000
ADVENTURE – H 226.300.000
LS FF – H 238.700.000
TOURING – H 242.400.000
GRAND TOURING – H 256.200.000

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