Harga Ford Everest TDCi 4×4 M/T XLT



Ford Everest TDCi 4×4 M/T XLT

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No.Car ModelCar
Price (Rp.)

1Ford Everest TDCi 4×44WDManual-409.400.000

Short Description:

Under Ford's new OneFord global strategy to capitalise on Ford's assets in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas, the new T6 truck will be offered in the US as well, slotted under the Ford F-150 as a light truck. Details about introduction of the T6 SUV is sketchy though, as the currently Ford is already sufficiently represented across the entire cross-over and SUV segment in USA.

I am curious to know what is the relationship between Ford and Mazda on this project, given that Mazda is now independent from Ford. It seems that input from Mazda is very limited on the T6. However, development work on the T6 must have started years before the credit crunch of 2009 which pushed Ford to sell off all its interest in Premier Automotive Group as well as Mazda and killing the Mercury sister brand. The BT-50 have not sold well anyway, even in Thailand where it is made, and Mazda have not paid sufficient effort (more like don't have the resources) to grow the fleet sales / commercial sales sector. Plus, building a SUV off a pick-up platform will naturally inherit poor ride and handling characteristics. These are natural engineering limitations to the design / structure and there is very little that can be done without compromising the vehicle's work horse performance. These trade-off in ride and handling may not be consistent with Mazda's Zoom-Zoom philosophy. And it is part of the reason why a Mazda version of the Everest was never made.

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