Harga Ford Everest TDCi

Ford Everest TDCi 4×2 M/T XLT

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No.Car ModelCar
Price (Rp.)

1HFord Everest TDCi 4×2-Manual- 328.100.000

Short Description:

Found some info regarding the 2012 Full Model Change Ford Everest. In a departure from the current practise of putting a Japanese team (Mazda, Hiroshima) to lead development of U268 Ford Ranger / BT-50, the next generation Ranger, codenamed T6 is developed in Australia.

The T6 Ranger is due to be signed off pending final stages of validation tests in Australian outbacks. Expected launch date for the T6 Ford Ranger is sometime in 2011. Like its current counterpart, a 7-seater ladder frame chassis SUV model will also be spinned off from the Ranger, and sold as Everest or Endeavour in developing markets of ASEAN and India.

While it is being developed by an Australian team based, the T6 SUV team however will be headed by an American, FoMoCo's SUV specialist and vehicle engineering manager Todd Hoevener. Throughout the entire development process of the T6 SUV, Hoevener will be transplanted from his current base in Detroit to the Aussie state of Victoria. Hoevener's most recent work is the all new Ford Explorer.

Pick-up truck based SUVs is a segment that was the direct result of a Thai vehicle taxation regulation. Which makes a distinction between workhorse pick-up truck based SUVs (which are taxed lower) compared to passenger car based SUVs (which are taxed higher). One of the earliest PPV models built to cater to this new segment is the Isuzu MU-7. Competitors from Ford, Toyota and Mitsubishi would later offer similar SUV variants of their truck models.

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